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Messages of subject PJA , IPlanet WebServer6.1 on Solaris8


Location : seoul/Korea
Member since : Dec 18, 2003
Messages : 1
 Dec 18, 2003 at 12:42 PM
is here anyone who has succeeded make image from Iplanet Webserver Environment on Solaris..???

I've read almost everything about that in this forum.. and visited Sun's Developer's site but coudn't find the solution.....

I guess the problem is.. xbootclasspath option is not working at Iplanet.. jvm12.conf..... iPlanet configuration file..

if someone has tip.. or solution.. please. help~!!!


Location : London/UK
Member since : Mar 31, 2004
Messages : 1
 Mar 31, 2004 at 1:24 PM

I am working on this problem too, albeit with 6.0SP2 and JDK1.2.2

There are 2 issues, both described in the FAQ:

* one has to change the bootclasspath to include pja.jar
* Sun's JDK1.2.2 crashes with a segfault (!), so the hack also described in the FAQ is required to make it work.

For the first item, you need to look at the start-jvm script located in https-admserv/ instance. This script configures some env variables needed to load the JVM.

This is what I do in this script (at the top):

NSES_JDK=/usr/java; export NSES_JDK
NSES_JDK_RUNTIME_CLASSPATH=${NSES_JRE}/lib/ext/iiimp.jar:${NSES_JRE}/lib/i18n.jar:${NSES_JRE}/lib/rt.jar:${NSES_JDK}/lib/tools.jar:${NSES_JDK}/lib/dt.jar:/home/stuff/lib/pja.jar; export NSES_JDK_RUNTIME_CLASSPATH

By default, iPlanet installs with its own JRE. You want to switch to a JDK (enabling NSES_JDK and setting NSES_JDK_RUNTIME_CLASSPATH should do it).
The NSES_JDK_RUNTIME_CLASSPATH is actually the bootclasspath.

I hope this helps.

- Renaud

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