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Messages of subject Decoding JPEGs -> NullPointerException


Member since : Feb 12, 2004
Messages : 2
 Feb 12, 2004 at 9:36 AM
Hi there,

we're using PJA2.4 in a WebApplication on WebSphere 3.5 running on an AS/400. Everything worked fine so far (PDF generation with FOP), but now we wanted to load JPEG images and all we get is a NullpointerException in Sun's decoder class. Is this problem known to someone? Are there any solutions?
One way to go would be another JPEG decoder, but till now I haven't found one. Are there any free JPEG decoders available?

The stacktrace is the following:
sun/awt/image/JPEGImageDecoder.produceImage()V+24 (JPEGImageDecoder.java:152)
sun/awt/image/InputStreamImageSource.doFetch()V+59 (InputStreamImageSource.java:248)
sun/awt/image/ImageFetcher.fetchloop()V+29 (ImageFetcher.java:221)
sun/awt/image/ImageFetcher.run()V+4 (ImageFetcher.java:189)

Thanks for your help,
Lars Heller


Member since : Feb 12, 2004
Messages : 2
 Feb 13, 2004 at 8:56 AM
I found a workaround. Instead of calling


I created the JPEGDecoder and used its API directly:

com.sun.image.codec.jpeg.JPEGImageDecoder decoder
= com.sun.image.codec.jpeg.JPEGCodec.createJPEGDecoder(new java.io.FileInputStream(path));

This works for me. So I suppose it has something to do with PJA's Toolkit implementation? Just a guess.

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