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 PJA Toolkit features survey

Managing offscreen images is impossible on UNIX machines with no awt and/or X11 libs installed at all, neither with PJA Toolkit as a replacement of Java 1.2 to 1.4 default AWT Toolkit, nor with Java 1.4 default AWT Toolkit and java.awt.headless System property set to true (please read this message on PJA Toolkit forum or the Reply 12 on Java Technology forum for more information).
Nevertheless, PJA architecture allows you to create offscreen images even on this kind of very restrictive system and draw into these images, but only if you explicitly use com.eteks.awt.PJAImage and/or com.eteks.awt.PJAGraphics classes. Some developers are interested by this feature even if in this case their program depends explicitly on PJA Toolkit : it allows them to develop graphics servlets or programs that will always always work whatever the end user installed on his machine. For example, you will be able to generate images on a basic Debian Linux distribution with Sun's JDK and Tomcat.

eTeks may decide to improve PJA library for this kind of use and would like to get your opinion about the future features in PJA Toolkit you desire the most. You may also post messages on PJA Toolkit forum available on eteks.com.

Survey : What new features would you like the most in PJA Toolkit ?

  I don't care, I can install X11 libs on my machine and configure PJA Toolkit with System properties
JPEG decoder that doesn't require java.awt.image.ColorModel class (you may already use the com.eteks.awt.image.GIFDecoder class provided with PJA Toolkit to decode GIF files)
JPEG encoder that doesn't require java.awt.image.ColorModel class (you may already use the Acme.JPM.Encoders.GIFEncoderNoCM class provided with PJA Toolkit to encode GIF files)
Anti aliasing on text when using PJAF fonts
Anti aliasing on drawings (lines, arcs, ovals)
Reading PJAF fonts from resource files
Basic drawing classes (axes, basic charts,...) invoking directly PJA Toolkit classes
I don't know

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